(1E) Blackout Chase Hood Vent Kit


Lite The Nite LEDs has labeled each individual light strip based on installation location, all cords are precisely measured to give a clean and neat appearance to your professional install.


The answer to bright lights at night and less noticeable strips during the day is here, LTN has developed a well-constructed tinted light strip that’s less noticeable during the day with outstanding glow at night. Grab 100% of the attention at bike night with these multi-functioning tinted upscale LED strips. Hold everyone’s attention while your Hood changes using full auto mode, to over 200 different patterns. And watch the light strips disappear when you turn your lights off.

Kit Includes:

(2) 2ft strips with 8ft cords. (Center hood Vent)

(2) 4ft strips with 8ft cords. (Outside hood)

(1) 8 to 1 splitter box

(1) Bluetooth receiver with remote

(2) 4ft extension cords


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